Art 2017 CICA Museum of Art, Korea

Korea, CICA Museum of Art

Menthe Wells work at the Cica Museum of Art 2017.

Menthe Wells CICA Museum


Museum Exhibited Sculpture in welded steel

The Cica Museum 2017.

The Cica Museum of Art was founded to facilitate contemplation

of the environment and nature with architecture. This

rare concept incorporating fine art in a tranquil environment

facilitated the growth of an internationally recognized fine art

museum.  It is with the greatest pleasure that Menthe

Wells was juried in as one of the exhibiting artists in the

Abstract Mind International Exhibition.


Abstract Mind  International Exhibition 2017

Synaesthetic Photography of Menthe Wells

 CICA Museum

“The Californian Dude” Imagery of artistic blending of expectations in a photographic montage actively shows steel and strength in portrayal.  The beginning of the welded steel subject, first introduced as a key work in Synergy in Menthe Wells’ exhibition in the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art in California, began as a simple prototypal model of a reclining form. As every artist (perhaps) seems to portray a reclining figure at one time, this artist instead, portrays an emerging cultural symbol in the prototypal figure of a reclining form.  Yet, the reclining form remains in metamorphosis within the photographic change evidenced in the montage as it is reaching out for strength in a new emerging environment.  The photographic images combine to clearly state the symbolic subject in the expectations of Menthe Wells as an artist portraying a reclining form.