Hugo Rivera Gallery Laguna CA

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Hugo Rivera Art Gallery March 6-June 7 2013 Sculpture, 3 person (1 sculptor and 2 painters) exhibition, Laguna Beach, California.  The gallery is open Sunday through Friday each week and during the Laguna Art Walks which are the first thursday of each month.








Menthe Wells – current west coast exhibit – sculpture  Hugo Rivera Art Gallery March, opening exhibit March-June 7 2013. 







ART WALKS – Laguna California  First Thursday of each month








Laguna Beach Art Walk 6-9 pm – Menthe Wells will be on exhibit on March 6th, April 4th, May 2 nd and June 6th.

Menthe Wells « Hugo Rivera Hugo Rivera is a Southern California artist specializing in Paintings, Sculpture, and Fresco art.  The Hugo Rivera Website featuring Menthe Wells – Sculpture.  A rotating exhibition of sculpture commenced March 6 2013. The Laguna Art Walk at the gallery and on the Hugo Rivera Plaza featured the sculpture of Menthe Wells.  

Menthe Wells RodeoMenthe Wells at Riveralaguna independent