International European Solo Exhibitions Poland

Three paintings - acquisition Menthe Wells European tourSea birds Painting Installation studio sketches Painting aquisition Menthe Wells European tour OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA one of many announcement posters throughout Poland one of 6 galleries in two European solo exhibitions one of 4 two story paintings one gallery with 8 bird theme paintings one story high Menthe Wells Watercolors Menthe Wells solo Poland Exhibitions Menthe Wells Honored Celebration Menthe Wells and husband, European installations installations - one of sixteen installers - European tour Installation view Installation story high paintings - Copy Installation detail of 65 paintings detail from one triptych Detail from Moon Slices soft sculpture 9'x12' OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Poland – Two Museum Gallery Solo Exhibitions

Poland in 2014 has become the newest emerging center of Art in Eastern Europe and Europe. The insightful leadership and creative guidance of the Castle Museum Exhibiting Artist and Dean/Director of the University Programs, International Curator Dean Popek, is the central creative force leading artistic change in Europe connecting many continents.  As the historic emphasis of Art, centuries before, was centered in Paris with leadership such as Picasso, Braque and others, now Poland has emerged as the new center of the movements connecting various continents.

The European Tour of Menthe Wells exhibitions concentrated on the University Zajezdnia Gallery and the “Galeria Zajezdnia, Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej Lublin” and “Zamosc Gallery Zamoiskiei Galerii BWA” which is a municipal Modern Art institution.  The exhibitions were juried by the Polish curatorial university/museum processes of selection for public exhibition in 2013 and 2014 for the 2014 solo exhibitions.  In 2014 Menthe Wells had two museum exhibitions in California.   New additional work created after the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art Exhibition (May and June 2014 – 2 months) and the fall 2014 museum work, was sent via photograph so preparation was made for the large space needed for the solo exhibitions and for the extensive installation staff. (The installation staff (total) consisted of 16 people who installed the 2 exhibitions of 65 art works at two locaions in Poland).  Work was acquired by the University Marii Curie Sklodowskiei and the Municipal Zamoiskiei institutions. Four paintings were acquired in total for public exhibition out of the 65 art works shown. Sixty five art works were exhibited and the size range of 14 paintings extended to one story and 2 paintings extended to two stories. The soft sculpture was of 9’x12’ in dimension.   Lectures were on “arts management” and “synaesthesia” and “welded steel work” among other areas.

Korea – CICA Museum of Art

Mentbe Wells Photography

2017 Exhibition of Menthe Wells Photgraphic Studies

Chiang Mai Museum of Art

Menthe Wells exhibited paintings, in

36 continuous feet of featured museum wall space .

3 Projections

Additionally three projections were exhibited – two on
synaesthesia and one from the earlier museum work of
Timbulanataka a Museum series of art events that moved 
to CBS in  the Museum Television presentations.