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ZAMOSC Menthe Wells Solo Exhibition 2014

The European Exhibition in the City of Zamosc housing over 65 pieces of Menthe Wells Art in the European Exhibition tour of solo exhibitions in 2014 is shown in detail on the website and in the archives.

The Italian village square design of this historic city originally dates this municipality to the 1600s.  The exhibition of Menthe Wells work opened on the historical day that the President of Poland came to the city with other officials of Poland.  

At the Menthe Wells Municipal Gallery Museum opening, The Mayor of the city presented Menthe Wells work to the viewers at a formal opening ceremony which took place on the same historic day in Zamosc with speeches by the Mayor and the Muncipal Director of Art and the Dean of Arts of Lublin with other well known Polish Artists and Municipal Art Directors, University Professors, and Exhibiting Artists.

During the exhibition Zamosc acquired Menthe Wells art for the public collection which was honored by Preszydent Miasta Zamosc in a written document in Polish.