International Museums Thailand

Menthe Wells Fort Tryon storyboardChiang Mai University CMU Art Museum, Chiang Mai, Thailand. International Exhibition.
Curated exhibition, Juried, January-February 2012. 18 thematic paintings, Fort Tryon, extending over 30 feet of exhibition, plus 5 thematic paintings, Inwood, 2 enameled paintings and 3 projection multimedia studies. Projection studies included:
I. Record the Experience – Timbulakatana, originated at the Wadsworth Atheneum Art Museum combining historical portions from both the projection Impressions and Impressions Workshop which was the first sight-sound intermedia held in a gallery of a museum. Photography
II. Synaesthesia synamatics – a synaesthetic experience in visual art and synaesthetic sound. Photography
III. Synaesthesia synamatics – the Journey Effacing
The Boundaries of the Arts. Photography


Refer to European Exhibitions in 2014. The solo European Exhibitions centered around the emerging European art center in 2014 which is Poland. in this period of time,  Poland has distinguished itself as the new art center in which function and design are evident in bridges, art found in all environs and recognized internationally in publications such as Cassone the international arts news resource reaching hundreds of countries in 2014 and notably the source for worldwide art.