Jane Vorhees Zimmerli Art Museum

Zimmerli Museum Acquisition Menthe's painting forest series in Europe

The painting that was created for exhibition at the Jane Vorhees Zimmeli Museum of Art was acquired by the President of Rutgers University for the  Museum.   President Bloustein acquired the painting (oil mixed, media) for the Jane Vorhees  Zimmerli Museum of Art in the period January 1986.   Menthe Wells studied Fine Art at  Rutgers University in the Graduate School and Graduated with this area of specialization. She was exhibited in the University while studying and her work was recognized and known by President Bloustein.

The distinction of work in painting and sculpture that led President Bloustein to request this Museum donation included both museum and gallery exhibitions exhibitions on the east coast, the south and in the south west of the United States.

Menthe Wells is additionally recognized by the Rutgers University records of work as a female artist. Currently Rutgers University has a website devoted to the recognition of the work of female artists within the art world and the contributiions of these artists in a complex world of art and sexual politics.  Menthe Wells, while not involved in the “feminist project,” is honored  to be included on the website recognizing the work of women artists.  Menthe Wells studied for the Masters in Art (Fine Art) in Rutgers University both on the graduate school campus and in Douglas Fine Art.