Shell series exhibited in Asia, America and Europe





The shell series has been exhibited in Thailand in the Chiang Mai Museum of Art, Galleries in Europe in the  United Kingdom and in the Museums in Lublin Poland and Zamosc Poland as well as the Galleries in Connecticut, east coast, throughout America, and West coast USA. The exhibitions include part of the series in the Faculty Exhibition in the Wadsworth Museum of Art.

The work has been exhibited in the Shintaro Akatusu School of Design is located on the campus of the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut. The University is distinctive in its position within the New York art world and has owned and exhibited the work of Menthe Wells for many decades. 

Collector information: The series is in many private and public collections nationally and internationally.

The series is largely collected by individuals because of the size of the individual pieces. Collection information: More details on gallery locations for collectors or direct collection

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