Museum 2016

SLOMA  brief summary of current work – extensive write ups available

Menthe Wells Artist Who’s Who in American Art 1987-2016

PhD, Synaesthesia; DpED UConn

MA FA Rutgers

BS Art UBridgeport

SLOMA Museum Morrow Bay Art Center 2016 paintings

FM Fine Art Gallery Beverly Hills 2015, Solo 50 paintings/sculpture

Laguna Design Center 2014–2015 Solo, Sculpture

Schelfhaudt Gallery 2016; 2015; 2014; 2013; U Bridgeport, Shintaro Akatsu School of Design paintings/sculpture

SLOMA Museum of Art, painting 2014

European Tour Solo University/Uniwersytet Marii-Curie-Sklodowskiej W Lublinie, Zajezdnia Gallery, Lublin; Poland 2014. European Tour, Solo Exhibitions; 65 paintings/sculpture; Zamosc ; Uniwersytet Marii-Curie-Sklodowskiej W Lublinie, University Zajezdnia Gallery Poland

Permanent Public Collections Acquisitions 2014 University/Uniwersytet Marii-Curie- Sklodowskiej W Lublinie, University Zajezdnia Gallery, Lublin paintings; Permanent Public Collections Acquisitions 2014 The Municipal Contemporary Art Gallery, Zamosc Poland

SLOMA Museum, SYNERGY exhibition 2-months/2014 29 paintings/sculpture tandem-solo

Hang Up Gallery of Fine Art 2013-2016 52 paintings/sculpture

City Lights Gallery, 2014 paintings/sculpture

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. 2014 paintings/sculpture

San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, 2013 painting

Gallery 104, California, 2013/2014, 78 paintings/sculpture; Townley Gallery “Art World”

KSBR radio88.5, California “Famous Artist” April/2013

KSBR radio88.5, California “Featured Artist” December/2013

LAArtcore Gallery Tandem Solo Exhibition 2013, 40 paintings/sculpture Brewery Art Center/LA

Laguna Design House 2012: California. 2012, painting Invitational California Homes Magazine

2012 20 Photographs SAE publication ISBN# 978-0-7680-3529-2 International

Chiang Mai U CMU Art Museum, Thailand. 2012, 38-feet+ paintings/projection Record the Experience Timbulakatana for Wadsworth Atheneum Museum

LA ARTCORE International Art Exchange 2012-2016 Asia

Wadsworth Atheneum Museum  Faculty 12 paintings, Happening/Event, Impressions Workshop/installations; originated/created/directed, Article published/Arts in Society

Galleries 260 paintings: Crespi Gallery New York; Festival of the Arts, Connecticut; Hartford Seminary; Hartford Artists Exhibitions Corporate Invitationals partial list exhibits:  Gallery of Hartford National Main Branch; Huntington Gallery; Gallery of Connecticut National; Gallery of Hartford; Tower Building; National Events Galleries, Theatre, Museums; Applied Synaesthetics, Effacing Boundaries Between Arts. Ellsworth Gallery: Giancondo Christmas, animated-sculpture; Julie, solo events; Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Connecticut, Giancondo Christmas animated-sculpture; Avon Arts&Crafts, Connecticut, Timbulakatana animated-sculpture; Sidewalk Gallery  Connecticut, “Gallery Thursday is a Work of Art” animated-sculpture; Greater Hartford College Timbulakatana; Tunxis College; Timbulakatana III; Manchester College Timbulakatana; Wadsworth Atheneum Timbulakatana I and II; Wadsworth Atheneum, Giancondo


Roundabout Theatre Stage II New York City solo exhibition 80 artworks

CBS TV WFSB Wadsworth Atheneum 7-years

ABC affiliate station KGUN TV 1983; Harwinton Timbu-Ponchartrain animated-sculpture solo; Bristol Timbu-Ponchartrain, animated-sculpture

Artists Collaborative 6-years; Teaneck Fine Arts Commission, 2-years; New Orleans Art Show; U Bridgeport Fine Arts 2-years; Carlson Gallery; U Wisconsin

Sculpture Series Kinematic welded-steel; Animated-Sculpture series; Wadsworth Atheneum CBS WFSB TV, 1969-1978; Ponchartrain animated-sculpture event, solo; Bristol Timbu-Ponchartrain; Ellsworth Gallery; Farmington Valley Art Center; animated-sculpture television; Roundabout Theatre, New York City; Wadsworth Atheneum Museum, events

The Lutz Museum solo, 38 sculptures, 6-weeks, animated-sculpture multisensory

Permanent Public Collections: The Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, New Jersey, invitational acquisition 1986, Walderton Downs, England 1985 painting; Tunxis College, 1978 Multiplicity Blues, painting; Windsor Board-Public Art: 32-foot mural; Carlson Library Bernhard Center, U Bridgeport Painting; U California Riverside Painting; Eastern Connecticut State U paintings

Galleries partial list

ECO ARTS environmental gallery

Three Elements Gallery California tandem-solo 2002 72 artworks

Bushnell Gallery, Hartford, tandem-solo, 8-weeks/1980 paintings

Bosham/England paintings 2-years

Gallery of the Ill-Wind-In-The-Red-Blanket animated-sculpture 2-years

Hartford Arts Festival solo installation 30 animated-sculptures

Ellsworth Gallery, 2-Solo animated-sculpture events

Wiley Gallery 12-years

Gallery 24, CPTV Exhibits 3-years

Gallery of the Hartford Artists, Pratt 2-years 120 artworks; Solo Exhibition 6-weeks, graphics; Gallery 24, CPTV 3-years, Channel 57 Springfield

Menthe Wells Artist Synaesthetic Artist “Soft Sculpturist Extraordinaire” Hartford Courant; synaesthetic artist with Van Gogh and Hockney