Wadsworth Atheneum Museum

Events for Wadsworth Atheneum  - included in Museum's Galleries  and for CBS network reaching multiple states.

Events for Wadsworth Atheneum – included in Museum’s Galleries and for CBS network reaching multiple states.

35 Menthe Wells Studio Study  21'' h x 21'' w acryclic mixed media

One of the Studio Series of Menthe Wells paintings exhibited in the Faculty Art Exhibition

The works the artist exhibited included oil paintings,  acrylic paintings, mixed media paintings and enameled paintings. One sculpture in ceramic was exhibited which was thematically “Lovers”

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Hartford Courant Sunday Edition – full page spread  – museum Events using Animated Sculpture


The Animated Sculpture for the museum’s events – included Jingle Jangle, which is a large rabbit, shown on the left with Menthe.  On the right,  one of the transitional works shows the change from the earlier works seen in Museum Events at the Wadsworth Atheneum to the growth of current work in welded steel sculpture.


Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art

Exhbition of Paintings (oil) (mixed media) and Enameled Paintings – Faculty Exhibition


Exhibition of Impressions – first sight sound intermedia – the museum directors, Director James Elliott and Director Roger Selby credited with being the first sight sound intermedia to take place in the galleries of a museum. The year long project, Impressions, was a Happening in the period when Happenings were transitioning to Events.  Written up in Arts in Society by Menthe who was the originator, director and editor of Impressions Workshop, the museum showed Impressions in the Gallery of the Senses when it first opened  and was curated by the directors as Impressions was focused on synaesthesia and synaesthetic experience which was the core theme of the intermedia.  The Gallery was later renamed the Tactile Gallery.

Menthe Wells developed, originated and directed children’s plays for the museum used as CBS local network productions. These productions were part of her work at the museum and used  synaesthetic experience and large animated sculptures.  The work reached several states.