Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art published in Arts in Society

record the experience  sight sound intermedia

Impressions – Wadsworth Atheneum

Among the significant photographic projects:

Menthe Wells originated, directed and edited the first sight-sound intermedia at the Wadsworth Atheneum Art Museum. (Impressions). The 3 day Happening was edited over the period of one year post even, was repeatedly presented and then housed at the Wadsworth Atheneum and institutions of higher education teaching fine art. 

A  year long project to create the first happening/signt-sound intermedia

 The happening used all the galleries of the museum for 3 days with over 30 individuals participating.

Menthe Wells, Originator, Director Art Editor and Art Director, Museum Specialist.

The Impressions happening was juried/selected experience with Menthe Wells as the Artist

juried by by Roger Selby and Jim Elliott Museum Directors

Arts and Society published article  – author Menthe